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…Part 28 of 90 (END OF PHASE 1)!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Wow, guys, it sure does feel good to complete this section. I mean, sure I’ve got two more phases ahead of me. Sure I’ve got another sixty-something days before I can truly say I’ve done P90X. And sure, once that’s done I’ll have to maintain what I’ve gained through some other form of exercise. And sure, one day I”ll be dead and none of this will even matter…wait. Let’s not go that far.

I AM happy to have put a month’s work in. It feels good to stick with this program and I’m excited about the next phase and how I”ll look and feel when I”m done with it. That’s mostly because I look and feel about the same as I did when I started. Maybe I should have been disgusting before I started? Oh well.

And maybe saying I look the same isn’t completely true. I mean, check out the following pics: certainly I appear shorter, oranger, and more hobbit-like. That’s gotta count for something, right? Sigh. Better pictures next time. I promise.

Am I shorter?

Why am I so orange!?


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