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…Part 21 of 90 (END OF WEEK 3)!!!


Ack, so freakin’ Youtube is in Read-Only mode and so I couldn’t post this video until this morning. Balls.


Anyway, it’s the end of week 3! That means I’ve completed the first two adaptation weeks, and the mastery week. Now it’s time for some recovery and stretching and two freakin’ days of Yoga X in one week. Yay.


But I feel good. Progress has been made, and I can even see some results in my shoulders and arms and abs. I’m certainly more flexible. And I have to say it’s nice to see changes as I try something new. I can imagine that this would be quite frustrating if I looked and felt exactly the same after three weeks.

I’m also shocked and how fast time seems to be going by. It’s been three weeks, for cryin’ out loud! Soon I’ll be into Phase 2, and then, before we know it, I’ll be 90 days complete. Hopefully I’ll also be ripped as all get out. Hopefully.

Until then, I’ll keep bringing it, and I hope you’ll keep visiting. See you tomorrow!


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