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I’m Back…

…Sort of!


Hello again, there’s a bit of downtime at work (most of the world is still on vacation, apparently, while I’m barely 15 hours returned from Chicago and the Xmas season), so I thought I’d drop a line letting everyone know that I’ll be starting up the blog again, though with a slightly different format and topic for a while.

Starting Monday, January 3rd, I’ll be embarking on that newly clichéd journey known as P90X, an absurd, 3-month course in physical abuse that markets itself as “Fitness,” and which will probably kill me.

I’ll be taking before photos, taking a pre90X fitness test (for comparison), and then recording myself as I spend an hour each day in self-flagellation. The videos will be edited along with brief post-workout commentary and then posted each day starting probably a week or a few days from Monday (as editing is not on my list of “Skillz”).

You’ll enjoy a hilarious trip down Self-improvement Lane, and I’ll find motivation in your mean and incoherent internet comments (bring it, trolls). Or, you’ll watch me burnout in a week and strain something. Probably my groin.


Either way, join me as I make a fool of myself in the name of vanity, here at Inherent Rampancy90X!




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