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Hey Dad! I just got a Wave from Mom and she says there are bicyclists trying to pass us...


Ok, astonishingly awesome puns aside, it’s true; soon you’ll have blazingly fast internet in your car. (Please insert Xhibit “we just put a [blank] in your [blank] so you can [blank] while you [blank] joke here)

Of course, this article has me all riled up, for a few reasons:

1. I don’t have an iPhone. This means I don’t have blazingly fast internet at my fingertips all the time. Hell, I barely have that at home. So to think that I might be able to ride in a car and jack in my laptop makes me very happy.

2. Car apps. This will usher in a new age of GPS/accelerometer/ohmygodyou’reonI90causeI’monI90too! applications for your computer. Even hardware will get a bump as car companies seek to make the passenger seats of every vehicle a portable office/gamer’s paradise.

3. The Japanese have had this for almost 12 years. Seriously? We suck. And it always fills me with an awkward combo of elated/pissed when we finally (FINALLY!) catch up to our neighbors to the future. I figure this means we’re only a few years from sleeping in drawers.

4. Live human interaction is dead! The car ride was one of the last forms of forced live human interaction left for the American family. I for one am glad to know that come next road trip/grocery run/grandma visit I’ll be safe in the backseat listening to Pandora, watching Youtube, and Facebook chatting with my mom and sister, both of whom will be in the car with me. I just feel bad for my step-dad, stuck there in the driver’s seat with nothing but the GPS to talk to.


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