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Today we’ve got a six-degrees-of-gay-Kevin-Bacon thing going on, in that all of the stories are in some way about gay people. Fabulous! Ok, all stereotypes aside, let’s queer up a few things.

Starting with drugs, the other kind of college experimentation:

Obama’s gonna let medicinal marijuana suppliers get their grow on!

When asked why he was willing to fight Conservatives on the drug front and yet continue to ignore gay rights issues, Obama said, “Hey, if gays wanted civil rights they would throw some kind of rally or protest here in Washington, and it would be covered on all the major news networks, right?”

Moving on to events that happened but didn’t really happen:

Gay rights activists threw a major rally in DC and no body watched!

The difference between tea party rallies and gay rights rallies, aside from one being a product of Conservative leaders’ desire to artificially imitate the grassroots movements of the left and one being a product of the country’s legitimate desire for equality among its citizens? Fashion sense.

And finally, in other gays-getting-the-shaft-but-not-in-a-good-way news:

Blacks continue to be oblivious to the irony of their homophobia.

Dr. William Bynum, vice-president of Student Services, went on to say, “If these queers don’t like the way we force them to dress in a manner inconsistent with their own gender identification, then they can go back to Gay Africa.” I assume he means Australia.


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  1. dude, i just read this and it is hilarious.

    Comment by sacha | December 13, 2009 | Reply

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