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The fervor over “death panels” has continued to grow in spite of countless Dems and even ‘Publicans attesting to the claim’s complete lack of basis. People are now separated into the two camps of “Death Panels Are Real And We Don’t Want Them!” and “Death Panels Are Fake And We Don’t Want Them!”, the two equally concerned that somewhere in the House bill lies a provision that would encourage euthanasia and denial of care to “undesirables”.

Republican leaders have been most vocal about the language of the end-of-life provisions in the bill which, while never authorizing the involuntary euthanasia of anyone, provide information as to how to go softly into that good night, or at least seek the most comfortable way out. But here’s the kicker for me: The provisions are only for information, and all the information is completely voluntary.

Where is the Republican party hell-bent on individual liberty and personal responsibility? Why aren’t they crying out for such information to be provided so that people can make their own informed decisions? People near the end of their lives should have all the information they want about their options, and yet the Republicans are convinced that, given this information, these people will somehow be coerced into offing themselves to save the government and their families money.

Guess what, ‘Publicans? The money saving part is only a benefit, not the point. The point is to give these people the option of some dignity and comfort on their way out. Fact is, not too many people want to leave this world in torturous pain from a fight they can’t hope to win, and many would love to hear about how they can say goodbye to their loved ones and then drift off peacefully in their sleep, the way they always said they wanted to.

And, again, it’s all voluntary. No one is legally allowed to force these people into killing themselves, and to think that these doctors would, simply to earn more money, is insulting to those who are actually in the game to help the sick and injured. Besides, the only way that would be possible is if payment were on a per procedure basis, and I’m pretty sure this iteration of the House bill wants to make most care payed like an HMO (payment per patient per year). The doctor would actually lose money if he encouraged his patient to die, so based on the ‘Publicans’ logic that doctor would advise against euthanasia.

So why are the ‘Publicans against it, if it goes along with most of their philosophy? Because it’s “socialist” and “universal” and because it was suggested by Democrats. See, that’s part of the game. If you didn’t think of it, it must be evil and stupid, and you’ll turn over as much of your own ideals, morals, and ethics to fight it.

Ah, Hypocrisy, you never cease to rear your ugly head.


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