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Jon Stewart has already taken this issue up (Monday, August 10th), but I’m gonna throw it at you again, because I really want those of you who claim a political party to listen and listen well.

Republicans and their media hounds have been frothing at the mouth over the town hall meetings where good ol’ Amurricans give the liberal namby-pambies what for. All you have to do is Google “town hall” or “obama care” or “loud unproductive shouting”, and you can watch countless “real” people exercise their 1st Amendment rights at a high volume.

And, as I said, the Republicans love it. They love that people are voicing their opinions forcefully, and making themselves heard. Granted, Bill O’Reilly (Papa Bear!) has asked for some civility, but he still whole-heartedly supports these fine citizens and their screaming.

And why not? He agrees with the protesters.

The Democrats, however, do not like these “misinformed” kooks ruining their PR events and standing in front of their cameras. These irate idiots are portrayed as racist,  KKK members, the same group of people who think Obama wasn’t born in this country, who think the moon walk was fake, and who honestly consider “Deep Fried” to be a food group. The Dems continually respect the right to free speech, but would really prefer it if these un-Americans would take an extra-wide seat.

And why not? They disagree with the protesters.

Do you see what I’m getting at here? On Monday, Stewart walked us back a few years, showing our fine Fox News talking heads backing the Iraq War and calling war protesters “deranged” and “radical”. Even good old Papa Bear O’Reilly got in on the action, never going so far as to claim that the protesters didn’t have the right to speak, but following up his 1st Amendment disclaimer by suggesting these folks read a book or get some serious help. Stewart’s point? That Republicans shouldn’t complain about how Dems are treating these protesters because, Hey! They did it first.

It’s a good point, but Stewart makes it seem like the Dems are just getting some justified pay back. As though we’ll all be square once the dust settles. But we won’t be. You see, the Dems and ‘Publicans may love to bicker at each other in public (I’m pretty sure in private they all eat the same gold-leafed caviar), but some of us in the real world don’t like that game. Some of us think shitty behavior is shitty behavior, no matter who’s doing it, and we’re getting a bit tired of the idea that the party in power gets to do whatever it wants.

So, Dems? Fuck you. You were called crazy during the last presidency and now you want some revenge. You think that your anti-war protests were based on solid, scientific, documented evidence, and that you were only ostracized because of politics, but that these anti-healthcare people must really be certifiable. They disagree with you? Yes, they do. They’re terrified of your plan (which is so fucking complicated and dense that members of your own party haven’t even read it), and the only people giving them simple answers are giving them false ones. Who do you think they’re going to listen to? Complex loses, even to Crazy. So stop bitching and start being more upfront with your followers. Stop claiming that everything is going to be fine when you don’t know that. Stop backing an idea you haven’t even worked out yet. At the very least, stop the name calling.

And ‘Publicans? Fuck you, too. You were dicks back when you were in power, so you probably have this coming to you. And even if you don’t deserve it in reciprocity (which you do), then you deserve it for spreading lies and telling crazy people that they have the right idea about the healthcare bill. Stop sending people to make noise. Stop letting Sarah Palin make up ideas like “death panels” that are out to kill her retarded baby. Stop assuming you are right “just ’cause”. And stop using fear in lieu of reason and rationality.

Both parties need to put an end to “politics” as a method of coercion and propaganda. For the last 8 years the fear engine has been running at full steam, and Obama seems to have no desire to hit the kill switch; it’s no wonder people are acting crazy.


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