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Help the T Save You Money!

…by spending more money!


Yeah, some geniuses have decided to hold a bake sale today (Monday, March 9, 2009) in front of the State House in downtown Boston. Their goal: Raise money to help offset fare increases on the T. Quite honestly I think the plan is brilliant. I mean, if you live in Massachusetts then you already pay taxes that help fund the MBTA, owners and operators of the T. Then, if you use the T, you pay a monthly, weekly, daily, or per-ride fee. That’s right, you get hit up twice! Now, these idiots in front of the State House want you pay more money, so that they can help you “save” money. How does that work exactly?

Here’s how it works: You give them, let’s say, 5 dollars. They take 4 of those dollars to cover costs and pay themselves. The remaining 1 dollar goes toward offsetting the fare increases, which you will also be paying for. That means you pay taxes toward the MBTA + the original fare + the fare increase + the dollar meant to “offset” the fare increase + THE COST OF THE BAKE SALE.

You actually end up spending more money.

The only way this stunt actually works is if you convince out-of-towners, who don’t pay taxes and don’t ride the T, to buy your cookies and brownies.



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