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…are no better than republicans.

I’m going to apologize in advance to all you bleeding-heart, liberal, peace-loving, animal-saving, vegetable-eating, Prius-driving, global warming-fear mongering, idiot democrats.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that while you claim to hate republicans’ constant attempts to force a bankrupt morality onto the public, you are no better than they are.

I currently reside in that last great American homeland known as Boston, Massachusetts; where the seeds of revolution were sown so that no government could force its people to do anything they didn’t want to. We’ve come a long way from the tea party, folks, and Boston (as well as the rest of the state) is really cooking with gas now. Just check out the great things they’ve done lately.

1. Banned smoking in all bars except for those whose tobacco sales exceed their alcohol sales.
2. Refused to issue any more licenses to establishments who want to allow patrons to smoke inside (i.e., hookah bars and cigar shops).
3. Announced a 10-year plan to eliminate those few, already established businesses which allow smoking inside (i.e., hookah bars and cigar shops), despite the fact that all those establishments are operated legally.
4. Banned the sale of cigarettes in pharmacies, claiming that health safety businesses should not endanger the health of their (voluntary) clients.
5. Banned the sale of rolling papers (of a specific brand) in any store in Boston.
6. Banned the use of trans fats in all restaurants in Boston.
7. Banned bottles service at bars claiming that it forces patrons to drink.
8. Required health insurance for nearly every person living in Massachusetts, levying fines on those healthy individuals who don’t want it or need it and guaranteeing business for all insurance companies, regardless of how good a business they are.

It’s good to know that this supposedly progressive state and city (gay marriage = ok! pot = slightly less not-ok than it was!) only cares about dictating morality when it has to do with things that only affect my body. I want to marry a man, you have no problem with that. That man and I want to smoke up, hey, it’s only 100 bucks if we get caught. But if that man and I want to pick up some papers and role our own blunts; then go get a nice, greasy cheeseburger; then head out to a bar and get a bottle of Grey Goose with our friends, and maybe smoke a few cigs we picked up at CVS while paying out of pocket for our prescriptions because it’s cheaper than having health insurance;  or order up a nice hookah with some delicious strawberry-mango tobacco at a new bar with state-of-the-art ventilation systems; suddenly you assholes have a problem with it!

I’m sick and tired of you jerks trumpeting freedom and then stomping all over the rights of others. Republicans may not like gay marriage and may hate pot smokers, but they’re at least honest about it so I know what kind of asshole I’m dealing with there. You guys lurk behind your sexual progressiveness and your supposed love of civil rights like some kind of morally superior super-heroes, but when people want to eat, drink, or smoke what they want you come leaping out with your absurd logic, touting the “benefit” and “betterment” of society, the “good of the many” over the rights of the few. You want to save people from themselves by making their actions illegal, rather than informing them and letting them make their own decisions. You think you can force people to be “better”, so long as “better” conforms to your own standards. I know a few people who read this don’t like it when I swear but,
Fuck You, You Fucking Hypocrites.

It’s bad enough I’ve got to deal with democrats fucking up the federal government while sporting a massive power hard-on and being completely unchecked, but to be subjected to it at the state level too is grating, to say the least. Not to mention the fact that I go to a hippie, liberal school. I’d leave and go back home to my reasonably and rationally governed home-state, but it doesn’t fucking exist. There’s no escape that doesn’t take me someplace further to the left or in the complete opposite direction.

I’m going to continue to try and show people how messed up this all is, as much as I can without being as pushy and invasive as republicans and democrats have been. I hope some folks will join me, rather than yell at me for complaining so much.

Fight the power…or something like that.


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  1. The President smokes.

    Comment by Kim | March 4, 2009 | Reply

  2. Hey Joe! I saw the link to your blog on the e=mail you sent about Assignment Sequence 1. Yes! This is awesome. I am so glad to hear you speak out about the anti-freedom laws here. I have been pissed off about it ever since I moved to Taxachusetts. They are so condenscending. It’s grandmother government. If I want to smoke in a private business, why the hell shouldn’t I be allowed to? I saw a sign in a motorcycle shop the other day that said, “No smoking allowed, by order of the Liberals.” It’s a self regarding act in a private business. And the trans fat thing is ridiculuous. If you want to make something illegal, make it illegal. Don’t “ban” it. I don’t even understand how it’s legal to ban a substance that’s not illegal. Did you hear about New York’s mission to “pressure” the restaurant industry to cut salt intake in half in the next ten years? Here is a really great article about it on the NY Times.
    “At the time, it seemed extraordinary for a city to be forbidding its diners to order a legal food product, particularly given the scientific uncertainties about trans fats and the possible harms resulting from the ban.” (quote from the article).
    Yesterday at a convenience store a guy asked how much the rolling tobacco was. The guy behind the counter said it had gone up again, to $4.35. The customer said, “Well, fuck the government, I’m buying it anyway. I just got back from Rhode Island–it was $1.60.”
    Anyway, thanks for this post! It’s nice to hear a rational voice.

    Comment by Cat Sears | April 11, 2009 | Reply

  3. Ps Also it was really well written and funny! (especially the night you’d plan with your new husband). 😀

    Comment by Cat Sears | April 11, 2009 | Reply

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