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What’s There To Do

…When nothing is for certain?

I’m sort of up in the air at the moment, un-pointed, directionless. Ever been that way? Consumed by a sense of…nothing? Besieged by…nothing? Floundering in a sea of…well, you get the picture. Basically, I’m in a spot where there aren’t any decisions to be made anymore, either because I’ve already made them or because they aren’t ready to be made yet.

It’s early in the semester, only the first week, so classes aren’t anything other than existent. They aren’t too much, they’re…just enough? That’s a weird way to put it, but right now they seem to take up a reasonable amount of time. I can see it getting crazy later, but right now it’s not so bad.

I’m filling out FAFSA, which means I’ve decided to stay through the program, and so I don’t have to worry about anything related to paying things back yet. It’s just form-filling. Plug-in and go.

I’m still undecided about whether to move out or not after this year, but I don’t have to make that decision yet, so it doesn’t register.

Tax documents aren’t here yet.

The other blog isn’t up for a couple weeks and my next piece isn’t due for another month.

Even politics are in a boring, transitional state, so I can’t even yell at the Obama administration like I want to. They haven’t done anything yet and it’s only been a day so I can’t expect them to have done anything (important or stupid, anyway).

Boy, the coolest thing that’s happened was LOST. Gah.


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