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…Oppressing and murdering at a store near you!

Ok guys, first videopost so have at it! I’m looking for comments, if you got ’em.



January 16, 2009 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. luv the video blog style. also the mini guitar behind your head 🙂

    Comment by julia | January 16, 2009 | Reply

  2. Joe, you fool, I just found a new hobby: reading and commenting the fuck (censor test) out of your blog. Oh, btw, it’s fialkowski. So we’ll see where this new internet relationship of you and Dirk Diggler (more on him later).

    So addressing your video and concerns, a few opinions/points:

    1. You’re right, any idiot wearing/glorifying a murderer/despot is just that, an idiot. And the extreme irony of the situation is people that buy this kind of crap are trying to appear “smarter” or “trendier” than other people, say Joe Dirt (good movie). And that’s the motivation. You can’t go around with a Hitler tee because everyone and their mother would recognize him, and boom, not cool. Plus, you’re never going to win a Holocaust argument. As for Napoleon, nobody cares, unless you’re a war nut. People would be like ‘pssh, Napoleon, fag.’ And you, the purchaser of said Napoleon tee, would start spitting out the famous battles (um… Waterloo??) and greater economic/prosperity/whatever bullshit the guy accomplished. Which brings us to this Che dude and Mao.

    Mao in in my opinion is one of the worst/if not worst/ leader of the modern history. Inexcusable behaviour on every level of government operation. Killed his own people (more than 30 million of em), killed people in other countries (Korea,Taiwan,etc), ran his economic system into the ground (seriously made people melt down their own pots and pans for the army), refused to trade w/ basically anyone, ran his social system down(oppression of ideas, Cultural Revolution, youth indoctrination/Red Army, killed countless educated people/local government figures, and for what? a goddamn shrine in his honor.

    But good job on the subject. And it’s cute that you arranged your room for a webcam post.

    Oh and here are some of the infinite levels my little pseudonym work on:
    a) Dirk is a sweet name
    b) Dirk Diggler (pornstar from Boogie Nights)
    c) The guy had a huge dong, so in correlation, you get where I’m going
    d) Boogie nights is a great movie
    e) Digg being a Web 2.0 site like the one you’ve got here
    f) it’s not my name
    g) yeah, I didn’t address Che, that guy can just suck it.

    Comment by Dirk Diggler | January 16, 2009 | Reply

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